Changing the way
you look at Concrete

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Concrete can do so much more than you thought.

With Aesthetic Concrete, the most experienced artisans in the industry have been designing, forming, placing, finishing, staining, engraving, sealing and warranting concrete architectural elements for over 16 years.

From your house to your office to your surfaces outside… Aesthetic Concrete Inc. will enhance your home, office or commercial space with a customized concrete finish. No matter if it is new or old concrete, wood or linoleum. Aesthetic Concrete has the product for you.

5 Dedicated Divisions to service our clients:

  1. New Concrete Construction
  2. Concrete Repair, Restoration, & Resurfacing
  3. Architectural Precast Concrete
  4. Staining & Engraving
  5. 1/4” Overlayment

Wow! I never knew concrete could look this good. I’d recommend Aesthetic Concrete to anyone in Calgary looking for concrete floors, counter tops, or wanting to give their existing concrete a new lease on life!

– A. Thomas, Calgary